High Speed and Precision Progressive Metal Stamping


Amlex has extensive experience in high precision reel to reel progressive stamping capability which allows us to provide innovative solutions to our customer's stamping requirements. We are continuously working to push on our tooling precision level to design and improve on the present capability of 150 micron ILP (Inner Lead Pitch) and minimum of 80 micron lead spacing. We are diligently working with reputable precision tooling houses overseas and  locally to induce new breakthrough's in machining standards in all our latest design especially on superdrilling and wire EDM capability. This will ensure that we are competent and ready to support our customer's stringent and ever demanding control on high precision tolerance products on a moments notice.

Due to the demanding manufacturing processes and stability, we require a group of highly trained, skilled and experienced engineers , technician's and toolmaker's to provide constant support and involvement in ensuring the stamping machines and high precision tools are well maintained and working in a synergised and controlled enviroment.We are well equipped with high precision stamping machines to enable us to maintain longer run time with consistent quality output supplied to customers with competitive cost.

Moving forward to providing high quality products, we also work very closely with our customers in providing a wide array of value added services such as

In providing quality products, we work closely with our customers by providing a wide array of value added services such as

  • Frame designing at conceptual stage and migrating from Etch to stamping capability.
  • Providing prototype parts if the product are already in production but additional detailing is needed with minimal costing.
  • Working in unision with customers in providing the shortest leadtime possible from design to sample.
  • Minimal REDTAPE in provision of solution and decision making to ensure customers satisfaction for the earliest product realization.

Our Stamping Presses range from 25 tones to 90 tones.

Stamping Parts and Products


Amlex has the capability to stamp various types of products ranging from metal cans, piece parts to high precision leadframes and interconnectors. We had vast experience in handling materials such as copper, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, nickel silver, Alloy 42 and low carbon steel. Our current products material thickness starts from  0.076mm ( 0.003") thin to 1.7mm ( 0.067") thick. We are also engaged with projects which require DUAL GAUGE raw material.