The medical device manufacturing industry is among the world’s fastest growing industrial sectors. With increasing health awareness, lifestyle products promoting and supporting a healthier way of life are converging with traditional medical products.

Devices and mobile apps for fitness and wellness, such as smartphones with activity trackers, smart watches, wearables and body diagnosis scales can be expected to become more popular, and could enter the world of healthcare.

Remote patient monitoring and e-visits are expected to grow in significance, further expanding software/IT opportunities in the medical device market

Medical device manufacturing requires a level of process control according to the classification of the device. Higher risk, more controls. These days, with the aid of CAD or modelling platforms, the work is now much faster and this can also act as a tool for strategic design generation as well as a marketing tool. Failure to meet cost targets will lead to substantial losses for an organisation.

In addition, with global competition, the R&D of new devices is not just a necessity, it is an imperative for medical device manufacturers. The realisation of a new design can be very costly especially with a shorter product life cycle. As technology marches on, there is typically a level of quality, safety and reliability that increases exponentially with time.

Medical Parts and Products

Amlex is capable of design, etch, stamp, plate & mold the medical devices in clean room environment, meeting the highest standard of medical world. We are proud to be one of the suppliers of a world renowned medical device manufacturer. We supply Ag/AgCl metallization on engineered plastic material for the ECG electrodes.

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Stamping ~ ECG Electrode Stud     Plating ~ ECG Plating on plastics