Consumer Electronics / Lighting

The world is more connected than ever before. Consumers are increasingly redefining their values and priorities, leading to the birth of the new age of consumerism.

Technological advancement is inevitably always altering the way that consumer define wants all around the world. New markets are mushrooming based on the consumers and industries propelling this digital march forward. In each respective market, consumer demand and experience are propelling the growth and innovation of consumer electronics.

IoT (Internet of Things) devices will connect to the Internet and have their own IP addresses. They will become smart enough to capture data from sensors and process it in a way that can be delivered in an understandable way to our smartphones or the cloud.

Electronic Parts and Products

Amlex contributes to the Consumer Electronics market in providing an integrated manufacturing solution where we have in house expertise to provide services in prototype product design, high precision stamping, surface finishing & high precision molding for the electronics components especially in communications and office devices.

We contribute in manufacturing consumer electronics components used in devices for entertainment (smart TVs, smart cars, etc.), communications (smartphones, IP phones . . . etc.) and home office devices (e.g. desktop, laptops, printers . . . etc.). The demand for consumer electronics is growing rapidly year by year.