High Precision Moulding

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Amlex is a high precision insert moulding manufacturer for reel to reel components. We have extensive capabilities in high precision moulding with total solution for mould fabrication to mass production. We are capable of providing consistent product quality for the interconnect and optoelectronics industries. We are equipped with high speed and high precision vertical mould machines and moulds to ensure we maintain a longer run time with consistent quality output of products supplied to customers at a competitive cost. We specialise in tight tolerance parts requiring very precise quality control measures to general plastic parts that need to be moulded.


Our molding capabilities include :

  1. Vertical Insert Molding (Strip to Strip) or Reel to Reel
  2. Cold, Hot, or Semi Hot runner system
  3. Single Cavity Soft tool, to Very High Cavitation (up to 160 cavity)
  4. IMD Moulding

We work closely with our customers by providing a wide range of value added services :

  1. Mould fabrication & qualification
  2. Product development & Improvement
  3. Providing engineering support & technical measurement data