Our Vision and Mission

To establish Amlex as the premier partner in the interconnect world. To be innovative in producing products to highest quality with the lowest cost while maintaining profitability. Our 5 business disciplines shall be used as our beacon towards accomplishing the mission :

. Clarity of Purpose
. Market Intelligence
. Strategic Leadership
. Strategic Planning
. Internal Infrastructure

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TUV NORD Certification BM TRADA Certification
Plate Services
Amlex Technology is fully equipped with state of the art equipments which include complete facilities in our process and quality assurance laboratories and tooling department.
Stamp & Backend Services
Our stamping facility was established in 2007 to enhance our commitment to customers as a one stop center for leadframe and interconnect solutions.
Established provider of high-end precision reel to reel stamping and electroplating services, Amlex manufactures a full range of stamped and electroplated products.
Welcome to Amlex

Amlex Technology is a renowned manufacturer of high-end precision reel to reel stamping and electroplating of leadframes and connectors in Malaysia. We are recognized as a reputable total solutions provider for both processes in the worldwide interconnector and semiconductor industries. Our products marketed in broad range of electronics & integrated circuit components, automotive components, security & control components, solar power components and telecommunication components.

Amlex Technology assures you of superior quality for both our products and services, and is committed to delivering the best to our customers. We are focused on total quality management with continuous enhancement in equipment and test methods. In addition, our team is trained to become a total solutions provider in meeting customers' requirements.

Fuelled by continuous investment and growth, we have expanded our services in the plating and stamping operations in our headquarters located in the robust industrial estate and the heart of the Bukit Minyak in Penang, Malaysia.

Your Partner Through Innovation..
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